407 Tail Rotor Rigging Block

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Color varies when manufactured

Used with the 407 tail rotor flap stop work aid to check or rig the tail rotor system. Ours (Helicopter Work Aids) is 3D Printed, made with PLA. Very tough but not as heavy as the steel blocks that Bell uses.
It is also light and won’t damage the tail rotor blades should you accidentally bump or drop it against the blades. 


For a limited time we are offering Helitools' version of the Tail Rotor Rigging Block. See 4th and 5th picture. It is made from aluminum and is much heavier than our 3D printed version. We suggest you buy 2 to offset each other's weights or you will need to pull the rotor brake if you are using only one.


Helitools P/N 407-TR-F-02

Bell P/N T101751

ATA Chapter:
64-Tail Rotor
Maintenance Type: