Leonardo Helicopters

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  • Pin Gauges For Inspecting Splines

    Pin Gauges For Inspecting Splines

    All pin gauges are 2 inches long unless otherwise specified.  Pin gauges can be modified for different lengths for $30. If you do not see the diameter pin you need, let us know. We can have them here the very next day. We try to keep all items in...

    $20.00 - $50.00
  • 10X Magnifying Glass

    10X Magnifying Glass

    We chose this model of magnifying glass because the cup is setup for the correct focal distance. Just place the magnifying glass on the object you are trying to inspect and you are focused. No fighting the loupe trying to figure out the correct focus...

  • Grease Fitting - 90°

    Grease Fitting - 90°

    These are the threaded ones, not the quick disconnect ones that get grease everywhere except the part you want it in.

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