Oil Can Dust Cap

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Instead of using a latex glove, we have all seen it, you can now save that half used can of oil with these caps specifically made for the quart cans.

The Dust Cap protects your oil cans against dust, dirt and debris

It saves money on leftover oil, otherwise poured into the waste oil tank.

It is easy to install on the top of the oil can. It covers the open top of the can so dust, dirt and debris do not enter the oil can or settle on top in the oil spill. It can easily be removed and reused.

Create a Super Clean area on your oil cans by using the Dust Cap on new oil cans. The Dust Cap keeps already cleaned can tops Super Clean until use.

ATA Chapter:
63-Main Rotor Drive
ATA Chapter:
65-Tail Rotor Drive
ATA Chapter:
ATA Chapter: