Engine Wash Bottle

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This is a stainless, 2 1/2 gallon bottle that has been used by all the major operators in the Gulf of Mexico for the last 45 years to my knowledge. 

I have replaced the short stock hose with 7 ft of high quality chemical resistant hose and included all brass connectors that are attached to the compressor water wash line.

The internal plastic pick up tube would deteriorate when using the strong compressor wash chemicals so it has been replaced with a 1/2" copper tube.

It comes with a pressure gauge installed and is serviced with water or chem wash by unscrewing the knurled nut, filling to the desired level and pressurizing with a common tire chuck.

Engine wash can be done by one person due to the 7 ft hose installed.

Connect to the water wash line, pull the ignitor circuit breaker, hit the starter and squeeze the handle.
When using for a fresh water rinse you should get 5-6 washes before refilling.
It can be used with any aircraft having a compressor wash line installed.


One bottle has your soap solution and the other has the water rinse. 
Main hose hooks to the aircraft and you select soap or water by opening or closing the corresponding valve.

Obviously a hand cart would be handy to have. You can find a welding cart at Harbor Freight to carry the bottles, we make brackets to attach the engine wash bottles that you can find here.

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Rolls-Royce 250 (RR250)
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