407 Main Rotor Mast Nut Torque Kit With Torque Wrench

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This kit includes everything you need to torque the mast nut on the 407 main rotor including the 600 lb torque wrench made by Performance Tool.

These are very good quality wrenches.

It has a 3-1 torque multiplier, the torque reactor pin to hold a back up and the 1 1/4" 1 inch drive impact socket.

The place where I worked at required all calibrated tools to be checked by their approved shop before use but if you need it to come with a calibration certificate I can do it locally for an additional charge of $105.00 which is exactly what they charge me. 

​It comes in a a padded, lockable case for storage and shipping to another base.

An upgrade to a 600 lb Snap-On wrench can be had for an additional $1200

ATA Chapter:
62-Main Rotor
Maintenance Type:
ATA Chapter:
00-Maintenance Kits