407 Frahm Damper Work Aid Set

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Frahm Damper bolt set for changing the damper springs.
Screw the bolts into position as per the manual.
Slip the aluminum plates into position between the center weights and the holes where the bolts exit. Tighten the all threads with a 3/8" wrench on the coupling nuts.
They will stick out a couple threads and bottom out on the aluminum plate.
The plate is to keep the rods from damaging the weights and serve to jam the rods tight so they don't back out.
Run the 7/16" nuts down using the long socket mounted to a cordless drill or air ratchet.
Remove the 4 bolts holding the outer plate and then back off the 7/16" nut which releases tension on the springs.
Remove the top cover plate and change the springs. 
You probably know more about this than I do.
This makes changing springs a whole lot faster because you can now use your drill or air ratchet instead of a ratcheting box end. 
I'm not working on aircraft any more so maybe one of you guys could send a pick of this kit installed for me to show here. It would be appreciated.
ATA Chapter:
62-Main Rotor
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