206L/407/429 CORDLESS Portable Hydraulic Pump Drive Unit

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Remove the hydraulic pump from the transmission with the hoses still connected and bolt hydraulic pump to the red pump pressure supply. 

The Cordless Makita is driven by a soft start, 5 speed, variable speed drive. You can finally lay to rest that huge hydraulic mule leaking in the corner of the hangar.

Hydraulic pump obviously not included. Comes with a case. See above. 

This is the bare tool.

Due to shipping restrictions, we do not provide the lithium ion battery. Two empty spots are left in the foam for you to carry batteries. Batteries and charger are NOT INCLUDED. 

We strongly suggest you purchase the 5 amp hour battery, which are available at your local Makita distributor/seller. 
This unit is particularly useful for international customers where 220v, 50 cycle power is readily available.

This pump drive does not work on the 206B due to the different pump mounting and the lack of clearance 
available. It will work on the OH-58 with the pump shown installed. It does not work with the combination pump/reservoir assembly.


Helps comply with Information Letter 407-22-127 dated 5DEC22

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