MD500 Main Rotor Upper Scissor Crank Bearing R&R

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R&R main rotor scissor crank bearing without wasting time trying to find sockets and bolts to press the bearing in and out.

​It has been brought to my attention that after several bearings have been changed that the bore tends to get larger ​and there is a repair to install a sleeve to bring the bore back to new standard.

This work aid is made to press the bearing in or out and not let the sleeve slip out with the bearing.

There are several other bearings on the MD500 that are replaced using the same type of work aid. Give us a call and send your old bearings so we can fabricate a work aid to make it easier.

Call us at 318-308-0643 so we can discuss what you need.

ATA Chapter:
62-Main Rotor
ATA Chapter:
67-Flight Controls
Maintenance Type:
Maintenance Type: